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Website Services

· Website Planning
ShengYi provide you with one of the most creative, made-to-size planning of your website as your e-commerce platform, to help you win a ground on the internet.
360°Brand Planning
Create profound image of the network and unlimited extension of INTERNET impression.
With rich experience in planning, ShengYi planning staff starts from the whole perspective according to enterprise’s ultimate goal of website building.

· Website Design
High quality work is inseparable from a high-caliber design team. With years of industry experience, ShengYi accumulated a large number of high-standard, knowledgeable and creative designers. Team members are all graduates from the colleges of arts. Under standardized management and correct guidance they became top players in the website design field.

· Website Functions
ShengYi plans the design of image, content and functions according to specific circumstances such as the characteristics of products, advantages and technology level, and eventually makes it a platform of communication and a tool of brand and business development for enterprises.

Functions can be said to be a logistical base for website. And the success of website design is largely decided by function development. At the same time, the strength is showed up. ShengYi will not simply copy function modules, but develop a more powerful, targeted and personal function systems according to the demand of enterprises.

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