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Website Solutions
Features Facilitate routine maintenance and update, served as a communication platform with the outside world. Applicable to enterprises which want to achieve publicity and real-time communication with customers, to reduce cost and enhance efficiency.
Objectives Focus on expressiveness and visual impact, integrating design with business philosophy.
Creative Design Image Page, home page, columns page and context page design.(To ensure 100%satisfaction)
Dynamic Effects JavaScript dynamic effects, 1 Flash animation
Pages Less than 30 Pages
Functions Corporate campaign, interactive platform. Intelligent background management techniques, to facilitate update and maintenance.
Other Projects ·  Provide one English international domain
·  Provide 300M virtual host, 200M corporate mail space
·  Products management system
·  Information release system
·  Online recruitment system
·  Intelligent background management system
·  bulletin board systems or order online feedback system
·  Online statistical analysis system
Time needed 12-18 working days(after the whole materials are provided by customers)
Maintenances One year free maintenance services, including maintenance of 60 pages without changing of style. Hands-on training services.

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